The number of sin! So those christian church fathers would have us believe. I'd call them stupid superstitious old buggers, but they're smarter than that...Just trying to lead everyone away from the creator of life...the female. Older stories say however, that the number six is the perfect number, or the Mother.

Greek -  hex, Latin - sex, cognate with Egyptian sexen, meaning "to embrace, to copulate". (now there's a sin eh)?  One of its forms - seshemu - "sexual intercourse", was shown in hieroglyphics using the female and male genitalia in conjunction, survived in the Sufi love charm designed to open the "cave" of the Goddess..."open Sesame"! (Think about it).

So sex is sin, we've all been raised to believe that...not that most take any notice of it. Take away sex, take away procreation; exit the human race stage left.

666 was the magical number for Aphrodite. The book of revelation 13:18 that named this number, the number of the beast, was none other than carnal lust, sex and love.

christians usually call it the Devil's  number, yet the church secretly love this magical number representing the female energy; an example. Church architecture; just one of many examples is the Chartres Cathedral,  the plans were drawn up to make sure that this church was built to be exactly 666 foot long.

A quick view of maths will perhaps help. The Egyptians considered 3, 6, and 7 to be the most sacred numbers. Three stood for the triple Goddess, (Maiden, Goddess & Crone). christianity changed the female energy to the male energy, by renaming the trilogy to the god, holy spirit and ghost, all male energies.

Six meant her union with the God (birth doesn't occur unless the two unite).

Seven stands for the seven planetary spheres, seven gated holy city, seven year reigns of kings etc. Egyptians totally believed that the total number of all deities must total 37 because of this number's magical properties. So not only did these numbers 3 and 7, but also, 37 multiplied by any number of 3 gave a a triple digit or "trinity"....ready?

111, 222, 333, 444, 555....and of course 666 (3 x 6 x 37)!

Now you know!