Adamah translated means a man made of blood, that is "her" blood, just as all mammals are nestled inside the womb of the mother, so was Adam.

Too many Lay people take names for granted, reading or hearing them at face value only, without any understanding or appreciation of their origins. The church men weren't fools (as such) they were just on to a great business scam, peasants being their greatest assets. Keep them under control through fear and they'll toil sun up to sun down with the promise of eternity with virgins, flowers and/or harps!

So, back to reality.  As we already know, the bible as is known today, was taken from far older stories, whether they were myths or truths of an even older time than the on-set of the new myth...christianity. The writers drew their resources from a deeper history. Lets take a look at the idea of a human being born from not only another's rib, but a man's rib. We wouldn't believe it if we told it happened today would we? But yesteryear was a much simpler time, and cruelty among men was abundant. The church men got the idea of Adam giving birth to Eve from the myth of the Sumarian Goddess Nin-ti, who formed infants' bones from their mothers' ribs; she was referred to as the Lady of the Rib and the Lady of Life as Ti meant both rib and life. Thus the biblical writers thought that ribs possessed the magic of maternity.

But why would they so deliberately change the story to something so absurd?  Simple. Since giving birth was the only true mark of divinity in primitive belief, the concocted supreme gods had to be able to give birth as well! And since the new myth was a patriarchal one, that meant that only males could deliver!

Lacking the necessary equipment to conceive, carry and give birth to a baby, i.e. a vagina and womb, the new male gods   often gave birth through their mouths (puts a new twist on the term oral sex doesn't it)? Other males gods sat on eggs, or hatched them from their heads or thighs, or even when thoroughly desperate, men would eat another's penis in the hope that the semen contained, would somehow find something to mate within his own body. Men who thought they were gods went so far as to have crude versions of caesarian sections performed on them to prove that they were pregnant and all powerful. (idiots).

The church men of early christianity were so determined to demote and exclude women, that they went so far as to encourage homosexuality among the clergy. As an example, it was taught and hence believed, that christian men could impregnate each other in the spiritual sense by kissing.