Oh that famous apple! Have you ever cut one in half...the other way, perpendicular to the core? Try it next time you pick up this cursed, yet healthy example of fruit.

The symbol that you will see, in its absolute innocence, is nothing less than the pentacle... scary stuff eh?

Now lets give the apple some history, let us understand, why superstition and myth gave rise to its unfortunate reputation.

A long time ago...way more than 2000 years, when other beliefs were free to express themselves, the apple was symbolic of eternity. Well documented examples are many; here are a few:

The Celts, referred to the western paradise as Avalon, "Apple-land", a country ruled by Morgan, queen of the dead. Irish kings received the Goddess's magic apples of immortality and went away to live with her under the sunset.

King Arthur was taken to Avalon  by the triple Goddess in person, as three fairy queens.

Scandinavians believed apples to be essential to resurrection, and placed them ceremoniously in graves along with their dead. The apples carried souls from one body to the next.

The Yule Pig was roasted with an apple in its mouth, to serve as a heart in the next life.

The Romans gave the apple-mother the name of Pomona (French for apple is pom). She symbolised all fruition (fruit). Even King Herod finished every meal with an apple.

The Greeks, stated that Mother Hera kept the magic apple in the garden of the west, where the Tree of Life was guarded by her sacred serpent.

It was the ever well thought of gipsies and witches that continued to treat the apple with reverence, and duly always cut the apple transversely. They understood the symbolic pattern of its core...or rather kore, the virgin  hidden  in the heart of Mother earth (Demeter), and hence represented the world's soul.

The five pointed star, that fortunately fewer people today fear,  was the Egyptian hieroglyph for the under world womb, where resurrection was brought about by the mother-heart of transformations. it is interesting to note, that in christian iconology the apple represents the virgin concealed within the mother!

Ahhh Eve's fruit of knowledge!