The word for this book came from  Byblos, the City of the Great Mother, the oldest continuously occupied temple in the world. The Goddess - called Astarte, Baalat, Hathor etc, patronized learning, and her priestesses collected a library of papyrus scrolls. Therefore, Greeks called any papyrus "byblos", which came to mean any holy book. Hence the "Bible" came to be.

Some of the miracles  attributed to biblical heroes were copied from older myths of the Goddess, for example Joshua's arrest of the sun was formally  credited to priestesses of Isis. Moses' flowering rod, river of blood, and tablets of the law were all symbols of the ancient  Goddess. His miracle of drawing water from a rock was first performed by Mother Rhea after she  gave birth to Zeus.

One of the greatest mistakes of christian authorities in the western world was their view of the bible as intrinsically different from other ancient scriptures, in that it was dictated word for word by their god,  not collected slowly, rewritten and mis-written, revised and worked over by human beings for centuries in the collective effort to control the people in general,  and oppress women in particular.

The King James bible relied heavily on a Greek text collected and edited by Erasmus in the 16th century, which in turn relied  on a Byzantine collection  put together gradually at Constantinople between the 4th and 8th centuries. More texts have been discovered, the Codex Sinaiticus, the Codex Vaticanus, the codex Alexandrinus, and the Chester Beatty papri. All are fragmentary, all differ from one another and of course from the King James version. There are no known portions of the bible older than the 4th century AD.

The revised version of the new testament published in 1881 tried to correct some of the more glaring errors. It erased the final twelve verses of Mark, which were late interpolations including the words that caused centuries of suffering; "He that believeth not, shall be damned."

Traditionally the church forbade not only research but even reading of the bible by laymen to the extent that in doing so was punishable by burning at the stake, as the law of the lands were governed by the church its self.

Richard Simon's 17th century Critical History of the old testament exhibited the now well known evidence that the books of Moses were not written by Moses, but instead compiled by many hands at a much later date.

As years went on, it became increasingly evident that the bible needed tidying up as people were gaining access to it, reading it, and realizing its corrupt flaws. It was painfully obvious that the stories retold, had been edited to suit the requirements of the dictators of the time, namely the church.

In 1869 the book of biblical essays called the Lux Mundi gave up all pretense of the scriptures' historicity or divine inspiration, admitting that the bible is a confused mass of myth, legend and garbled history.

The real point was that organised christian religion had economic interest  in maintaining literal interpretation of biblical myths. When theologians began to give in to the truth, they complained that viewing the bible as myth would destroy the whole structure of their livelihood. After David Straus's Leben Jesu disposed of the historicity of the gospel stories, and Renan's Vie de Jesus showed that the gospels could not be taken as literal truth, but only as romantic symbolism. The Rev Maurice Jones exclaimed "If  the Christ-Myth is true, and if Jesus never lived, the whole world has for close on two thousand years lain under the spell of a lie."

The Archbishop of Canterbury found it impossible to deny the bibles lies, and began to back track with his plaintive question, "May not the holy spirit make use of myth and legend?"

So truth was out in the twentieth century, obviously the bible was full of myths and legends, but most theologians had no idea of their meaning. One huge reason was that they had never studied the corresponding myths and legends of far older cultures - ancient Paganism, Mysticism and all other non christian beliefs from around the world. Why? Because the christian Church wanted to convince the world that their god was not only better than everyone else's,  but that their god was the only one. And to encourage that, the Church murdered millions of people and destroyed as much evidence of their lies as possible.

To further the dark blot on the history of christian missions was their arrogant vandalism of burning books, artwork, smashing images, forbidding the songs and poetry of Heathen tradition, instead of listening and recording them in order to understand the people, to display a decent respect for what other cultures believed in, as the Romans did in the days of their empire.

Had the missionaries been willing to listen and learn, they would have discovered the mythology of the bible all over again in other off shoots from its original sources, for all peoples from nearly everywhere around the world, shared the same fables of creation, the flood, the magic garden with its tree of life and its primal couple, the wise serpent, the heaven-piercing tower, the divided waters, the chosen people, the virgin mothers, the saviors and all of the rest. It is known and understood that the bible as christians know it, is merely a recent and corrupt derivation from a world wide cycle of archetypal myths.

Despite the  numerous discoveries and clarifications made by biblical scholars in the last century or so, the average christian person's attitude toward the bible is still that of belief, this can be understood when one considers that people have lived under the tyranny of the christian dictators for about 100 generations. Living in fear of their lives and considering the alternative of being burned at the stake by the church, many people accepted the new rule of the land. So it is of no surprise that almost 2000 years later, many people of today have it so ingrained in their heads that the bible is the unequivocal truth, that they will still commit murder, and even die themselves in its name. The churchmen don't help matters either, they deliberately see to it that their congregations are not told the true origins of the bible myths.

Erroneous but traditional views of bible origins and meanings are doggedly preserved by male chauvinists in particular, since canonical books were deliberately selected and edited to wipe out all feminine images of divinity and sanction religious suppression of women. It will always be hoped by the clergy, that as long as woman regards the bible as the charter of her rights, she will remain the slave to man.

Another erroneous notion that still keep christian women shackled to their bible-based "inferior" image is the notion that christianity was founded on the new testament, when in fact the early churches had no gospels, but rather created and produced their own! Not only did churchmen falsely pretend an apostolic origin for their scriptures; they weeded out all references to female authority or participation in christian beginnings. Even St. Jerome openly admitted that his co-authors of the Vulgate bible were two learned women; but later scholars erased the women's names and substituted  the words "venerable brothers."