Bitch to her, or if you wish to insult him today, you might call him a Son-of-a-Bitch.

But why has something so innocent as the name for a female dog become so derogatory? Well, You just know its got to have something to with the christian church, otherwise I wouldn't have put it in here would I?

We know that pre patriarchal religion, Bitch was one of the most sacred titles of the Goddess, Artemis-Diana, leader of the Hunting dogs.

To cut along story short, the church men hating womens' instinct and relationships with animals, specifically dogs as they were domesticated; determined, that dogs didn't have souls (or any other animal for that matter {Which must include humans too}) They declared that women were whores and were consorting with the devil, so it became bitch or Son-of-a-Bitch for the spiritual son of the Pagan Goddess.