Bet you didn't think you'd find this word in here eh? well here's why it is. Cunt is the derivative of the Oriental Great Goddess as Cunti, or Kunda, the Yoni of the universe. From the same root meaning came country, Kin, Ken, Cradle, Cave & Cunning. Kin  not only meant matrimonial blood relations, but also cleft or crevice, the Goddess's genital opening. Her vagina, the giver of life. Cunicle is a hole or passage.

Cuniculate is to be penetrated by a passage. Cunt is by no means a slang word of original use and meaning, it is indeed instead, a true language word of the oldest stock. So how did it become to be one of the most offensive derogatory insults toward a woman today? Lets not look any further than the Medieval church of christianity. The clergymen  in their concerted effort to dominate and oppress women, and rid the world of its rival religion Paganism, perceived obscenity in the female genital shrines of the Pagans:  wells, holy caves and groves. Any such place that the Pagans worshipped was called by the clergy as Cunnus Diaboli, "Devilish Cunt". Charming eh?