The biblical title of Eve, "Mother of all living," was a translation of Kali Ma's title "Jaganmata. She was also known in India as Jiva or Jeva, the Creatress of all manifested forms. In Assyrian scriptures she was entitled Mother-Womb, Creatress of Destiny, who made male and female human beings out of clay. The first of the bible's two creation myths gives this Assyrian version, although, obviously changing the "she" to "he" (Genesis 1:27).

The secret of god's "Name of Power," the Tetragrammaton, was that three-quarters of it invoked not god, but Eve. YHWH, yod-he-vau-he came from the Hebrew root HWH, meaning both "life" and "woman" - in Latin letters -  EVE With the addition of an I (yod), it amounted to the Goddess's invocation of her own name as the word of creation, a common idea in Egypt and other ancient lands.

Adam's name meant he was formed from clay moistened from blood, the female magic of  "adamah" or "body clay." He didn't produce the Mother of All Living from his rib; in earlier Mesopotamian (Iraq) stories, he was produced from hers.

Like her prototype Kali Jaganmata, Eve brought about all death as well as life - that is, all that lived were eventually doomed to die. Under the patriarchal systems of belief,  the fact that everything had to die was blamed on the Mother (Eve) instead of god for casting Adam out of paradise where he might have lived forever.

The wisdom of Jesus ben Sirach said evil begins with Woman (Eve) "Because of her we all die." Fathers of the christian church said Eve conceived by the Serpent and brought forth death, and St. John Chrysostom continued by saying so that in her sin, "the whole female race transgressed".

The book of Enoch said god created death to punish all of humanity for Eve's sin, but many patriarchal thinkers hesitated to blame god, even indirectly. The prevalent  opinion was that when Eve disobeyed the deity, death somehow just happened. St. Paul blamed only Eve, absolving Adam from guilt for the apple eating incident:  "Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression" (1 Timothy 2:14). A church council announced in 418AD that it was heresy to say that death was a natural necessity, rather than the result of Eve's disobedience.

This was the real origin of the fathers' fear and hatred of women, which expanded into a sexist attitude that permeated all of western society; Woman was identified with death.

christian theologians espoused the same theory as the Persian patriarchs, that heaven was closed to all women except those who were submissive and worshipped their husbands like gods. Even modern theologians blame human death on Eve's sin. However, the church hasn't quite figured out the answer to the question of what guilt causes  non humans to die (horses, dogs etc).

Actually, churches depend for their very existence on the myth of Eve. "Take the snake, the fruit tree, and the woman from the equation, and we have no fall, no frowning judge, no inferno,  no everlasting punishment - hence no need for a savior." Thus the bottom of christianity falls out of the whole christian theology.

Equally destructive to christian theology would be the restoration of books deliberately excluded from the canon, such as the Apocalypse of Adam,  in which Adam stated that he and Eve were created together, that she was his superior. She brought forth with her "a glory which she had seen in the aeon from which we had come forth. She taught me a word of knowledge!"

But unfortunately the church has succeeded instilling man with the fear of woman, for they have been taught that she is responsible for their death, as opposed to nature.