We've all read Macbeth, and some worry that they'll be turned into a frog. Ya gotta love the primitive brain of the gullible.

Herbs have been an essential aspect of our health and general well being since the dawn of time. Even today, many of the conventional chemical medicines some people take, are herb based. Simply put, before herbs were given definite Latin names, they were named by locals, which naturally varied greatly from one part of the country to the other.

Names were chosen by lay people based on the plants shape, colour or even texture. Hence such colourful names as Lizards Tail was given, to what is officially known today as Saururus Cernuus. Mouse's Ear, is also known as Mouse Blood Wort, yet its official name is Hieracium Pilosella.  Snake's Head is properly known as  Balmony or Chelone Glabra. The all famous Frogs Foot, is really Ranunculus's easier to pronounce Frogs Foot isn't it?

Perhaps you can begin to appreciate the foolishness of the ignorant that cast such a negative picture of the local Doctor, otherwise known as the Wicce, or as we know him or her, the Witch.