Penis Worship


So we understand and agree that females give birth. We also understand that it takes many females, a long time to populate the species...But, not nearly as many males are needed. So, it would make sense that the males are going to look after their females, get them food, provide shelter, and protect them in general. So then it would also make sense, that seeing as females risk their very lives to give birth, and obviously most succeed in this monumental undertaking, that on some level, even the dimmest of males has to appreciate the phenomena of the reproductive system in the female.

Absolutely agreed, of course it takes two to tango...both are equally important at the time of conception. But it is she, that puts her life on the line to bring forth life into the world. Man recognised this of course, and for it, he revered her, even exalted the point of worship (can't say I disagree with that).

Perhaps she got to big for her boots (we can be demanding you know) and some poor ugly wimpy men who didn't stand a chance at getting laid, started to buck the system. What they perhaps lacked in studliness, physical statue, and the ability to woo a woman, they made up for in jealousy, resentment and shrewdness, and realized they weren't alone in their sentiment. So, enter the good old boys club. If the matriarchal Goddess religions worshiped the sacred Yoni (vagina), the good ol' boys could worship their penis' and start their own new religion of patriarchal penis worship!

And it became so.

The new patriarchal semites adored the phallus; so they started paying homage to the almighty penis to such an extent, that they swore binding oaths by placing a hand on each other's genitals, a habit, still common today among the Arabs (and you'd thought you'd heard it all)! Remember, even Abraham's servant swore by placing his hand under the thigh of his master (Genesis 24:9) because thigh was a common euphemism for penis, used in superstitious fear of naming the divine organ directly.

Words like testify, testament and testimony still attest to the oaths sworn on his testicles. Well couple this with a contemptuous attitude toward the women who'd rejected them, and you've got quite a party going on!

Of course, if the penis is so mighty, it must give birth too; so men started doing that too. We have Zeus' fatherhood of  Dionysus - made the child come forth from the father's "thigh" (Penis).  Hindu myth:  that substituted the lingham for the vagina, So that the god Sukra (seed) came out of the stomach of the Great God by way of his penis.

Another middle eastern euphemism for penis was "knee" (genu), so often mentioned, that many believed that his knee was the source of seminal fluid. A father used to establish paternal rights to a child by setting the child on his knee, which is why "genuine" (of the knee) came to mean "legitimate". In Mesopotamia the word "birka" means both "knee" and "penis",

The christian bible calls Jacob's penis the sinew that shrank, lying "upon the hollow of the thigh." Scholars embarrassed by this,  have tried to interpret his limp penis as something else; a severed tendon, or a certain thigh muscle - which the Jews are forbidden to eat (Genesis 32: 32.), instead  translators recognised the phallic meaning of the "sinew"; they said the God-man's touch on Jacob's shrunken penis was to "cool the fires of concupiscence"!

We all know the bible's laws, reveal a special fear of women's power over the penis. God's commandment was that a woman who grabbed a man's penis, must have her hand cut off, even if she does it to defend her husband against an enemy (Deuteronomy 25:11-12)!

The word "fascinate"  is a relic of men's belief in the magic of their penis. Latin "fascinum" means "erect penis"! (presumably fascinating to the opposite sex),  especially in the form of a phallic amulet. Such amulets continued to be used throughout the Middle Ages as antidotes to the "Evil Eye".

In the 8th century A.D. the church forbade men to openly to pray to their "fascinum". Again, in the 9th century A.D. the church reminded them that it was forbidden to pray to their penis', and again it went on. 12th and 13th centuries, men were still forbidden to pray to their penis'. So phallic worship of course went on in the form of covert symbols such as the May Pole, posts, pillars and the bride stake erected at weddings, about which the "the guests danced merrily around".

Even christ assumed the role of a phallic god in providing the most popular of conception charms: the holy prepuce - or more accurately, prepuces, for there were hundreds of them in Renaissance churches. At least thirteen of them still survive, and all had the power to make women conceive.

Another insight to phallic worship in churches presented its self after World War 2, England. After investigating a recent bombing of an old church. At its alter, was found to have a large stone phallus within it. Further research showed that alters of approximately 90% of English churches built before 1348, had hidden stone phalli.

By Pagan tradition, the alter symbolised  the female body - which is why Witches  sometimes use a naked woman as their alter. Not wanting to be outdone, the churchmen inserted (no pun intended) their own representation of their worship - the penis - their hidden god!

Naturally sexual symbolism kept cropping up, embarrassing the church and scholars of patriarchal religion. An understanding of the rival phallus worship is important for comprehension of religious psychology, especially the fundamental insecurity of male self-worship; for the phallic god was useless without the Goddess.

Phallic anxiety was evident in all patriarchal religions, where fear of the devouring vulva led to both ascetic avoidance and persecution of women. Phallic anxiety was the keynote to the church's fear of women, and hence, total oppression toward women was mandated, and "Priest holes" became the alternative for sexual pleasure, of which, they are still in use today.

Phallus worship more often than not, slid over the ill defined line into homosexuality, which was inevitable among men taught by men to worship their penis' and with each other. Often, the male adoration extended  toward the superior male, or toward their god.