A bitter and slightly pungent vegetable, Asparagus contains the diuretic asparagine, which is the component that helps the kidneys eliminate water. This wonder veggie has the capacity to help cleanse the body with kidney problems, but shouldn't be used when there is inflammation.

Asparagus helps to cleanse the arteries of cholesterol and is helpful in vascular problems for example hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Caution: Be judicious with your portions, like most good things for you, overload can be detrimental too, so no different is asparagus, as too much can irritate the kidneys.

The underground tubers of asparagus used in Chinese medicine tonify the "yin" fluids of the kidneys and moisten the lungs; it is a cooling remedy used to treat lung congestion, spitting up blood, coughing up blood-tinged sputum, chronic bronchitis, and the wasting stage of diseases such as diabetes and tuberculosis.

Caution: Avoid in "cold" type diarrhea and with lung congestion when chills are apparent.