Actually a fruit, but treated as a vegetable - otherwise known as Eggplant in america, this delicious fruit combines well with non-starchy vegetables.

So other than taste great, what is it good for? Let's start with - it's great for reducing swelling, it clears stagnant blood by dissolving congealed blood and accumulations such as tumours occurring because of stagnant blood, and is excellent for treating congealed blood in the uterus. It also helps heal bleeding hemorrhoids, blood in the urine and bleeding in general.

Being very rich in bioflavournoids,  this wonder non-veggie drastically helps renew arteries, prevent strokes and severely curb hemorrhaging throughout the body.  It is used to help heal Dysentery and control diarrhea when accompanied with such symptoms as canker sores - with these disorders, apply it roasted to the point of charred, so that it becomes a powder - you can even use it effectively as a toothpaste as well.

If you get a scorpion or snake bite, consider packing on a raw piece of Aubergine; or if you suffer frostbite, do the same, only make sure that the Aubergine is warmed to room temperature first.

Know that negative repressed emotions take their toll on the major organs too; this is a great time to use Aubergine, as it greatly influences the liver and uterus.

Caution: It is strongly advised to eat Aubergine sparingly or avoid eating Aubergine while pregnant, as it is documented that it can potentially cause miscarriages.