Healing Foods


...Yes, foods can and do heal.  However as we all know, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.  In the western hemisphere we've gotten away from health so quickly, it's head spinning!  The typical Mum isn't home all day raising children, cleaning the home and preparing the evening supper from scratch using fresh foods purchased locally anymore.  Instead, caught up in the self induced proverbial rat race of extreme capitalism, we eat processed foods in gulps as we drive to hurriedly get somewhere.  Or entirely knackered from the long day's work, we heat something up in a microwave, satisfied that we filled our stomachs...rarely pondering if it was any good for us, let alone thinking about our poor liver having to makes sense of this poison we just dumped into our system.  But that's extreme capitalism...act now, and don't know or care about the consequences of  down the road....later in life, when the liver apologetically says to you, I'm tired, I can't do this anymore!

Enter dis-ease of the body. whether it be Diabetes, Cancer, etc etc.


Now, if you get pulled over while driving by some fine Policeman, and you plead ignorant, he'll be quick to remind you that ignorance of the law isn't a viable excuse...and he'll be right; and hand you your ticket. Albeit at least with a smile if he's a nice Copper.

If only we got a small smack on the hand every time we put rotten food into our systems...Well, guess what, we do!  Only we ignore it! 

Oh it's just a headache...I'll take some aspirin. 

Oh, it's just heartburn, I'll take some antacids for it. 

Oh it's just diarrhea, I'll take some Pepto for it, etc etc etc. 

These superficial treatments only treat the symptoms, not the cause.  So your body goes on hurting while you block the pain messages to your brain.  Nothing got healed at all, and we get on with our rat race day.   Then before you know it, BOOM!  You're really ill.  Maybe it's Candidiasis, maybe it's Asthma, maybe it's Allergies, or maybe Thrombosis...you get the point.

Remember way back when, when mum told us  "eat your vegetables"?  Well she knew something we didn't, she knew they were good for us!  On the next page, I've listed all of our favourites, like broccoli, cabbage and  carrots.  You might still hate eating them but at least you're know what they're good for, and you might just find some new respect for them...Happy eating!


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