Herbs have always been integral to the practice of medicine. Did you realize that the word "drug" derives from the old Dutch word "droog", meaning "dry"? As the Doctors of yesteryear used to dry many plants/herbs to make their concoctions that healed the sick.

Today, as little as 25% of all prescriptions are made up of tress, shrubs and plants. It is unfortunate, yet not surprising, that the pharmaceutical industry tries to veer away from using pure plant medicines, as by the very definition of plant, it cannot be patented, hence money and control out of their bank accounts isn't in their selfish interest (and let us not forget, the pharmaceutical is probably the U.S. federal government's largest lobbyists)!

Before the 1970's, the demand for herbal medicine declined in the U.S., as  americans had been successfully conditioned by the A.M.A. to rely only on synthetic drugs, as the various companies could make a huge fortune in making people feel better, regardless of the seemingly endless other "direct" (side) effects. Fortunately, with today's access of free information, ignorant people are slowly finding out the truth, and doing something about it. Would you believe, that in 2004, over 50% of americans finally realised that their government was lying to them regarding health care? Hence turned to holistic practitioners of one kind or another. About time eh? Some call it "alternative", yet, it's actually "Original" medicine!

Please consider all aspects before making any decision when taking any form of treatment for any and all dis-orders; and please consider some of the following suggestions for pain relief.

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