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All of us have our own perception of truth, of what IT is all about; some people preach, some stay quiet, others just get on with life. I'm not one who's quiet, in fact I have many opinions; however history, science, life's experiences, and good old fashioned learning has long shaped my beliefs.

Learning is an interesting term. We typically learn from our parents first, then of course school. As we get older, some start to ask questions about what we have been taught by our older and wiser peers. Are they right? Or do we have to find our own path of truth.

No-one likes to go through life, only to discover that they've been betrayed by those that they have trusted and believed, however, unfortunately, for far too many, it is easier to go on believing a lie than it is to appreciate the truth. But then, what is the truth?

Humans since time immemorial,  have needed to "explain" what's going on, for if they can't, they get very scared. So what ever it takes, a story  conjured up to satisfy the innate need of the individual, tribe or community to satisfy their ignorance. It might not be true, but at least it's something to quell the fear of the many, and control even more.

Superstition begets Religion begets Science.

Good ol' King James and The Wizard of Oz, haven't done much to help Pagans, and specifically Witches. Do you know what a Witch is? Do you understand the  etymology of this noun?  Witch, in middle English is Wicce, which means Wise woman. She was the doctor of the day. There were no antibiotics around then. Medicine consisted of herbs, grasses, bark and hope.

It is known that, without an untimely death of one, a wife will generally outlive her husband (by about seven years). Once her protector died, the old and often ugly snaggle-toothed (no dentists back then either, remember) woman would be cast out to the outskirts of her community under the patriarchal system (the church).

Living alone, ugly, perhaps hunch-backed, facial hair, going slightly senile, talking to herself or pet...yes, a cat more than likely, were prime ingredients for the church to claim her a heretic, a devil, someone to fear! Well, when a group is trying with all of their cunning, to keep ignorance abound, they don't need a wise, strong opinionated old woman telling them what's what! Answer? kill her. And if it happens to be a old wise man, well, kill him too. Heretics NOT ALLOWED!

Heretic. n. person who holds an opinion contrary to accepted beliefs (of the church).

Some will argue of course, that there were/are bad Witches, that worship the devil. First, I would counter, that there are many MANY bad people, who hide behind their hypocritical faith. And secondly, to worship the devil, one has to be a christian first, as the church invented that angel. Witches don't recognise that deity.

A fundamental difference between Pagans and christians, although there are many, is that we choose to be Pagans, where as many christians are born into families where they've been raised to fear the christian god, so know, no different. They seek salvation from their miserable life, rather than embracing the journey; after all, what is at the destination? They believe the world belongs to them to corrupt and disfigure, rather than, we, belong to this planet.

Fortunately, with the coming of enlightenment, the old murderous patriarchal organised corporations called christianity/catholicism are dying. Don't get me wrong, there are many beautiful loving caring christian people who live exemplary lives, but they condone bigotry, discrimination and even murder, by association of the church, to which they belong.

Paganism is the fastest growing religion today....religion being a term I use loosely, as there is no doctrine, no dogma. We live by something very simple; the punch line if you will, is: Harm none, do as you will. This statement of our philosophy, can be found in the Wiccan Rede, of which I have printed the short version on the next page.

To help stop the discrimination against Pagans, Paganism was legalised in 1953 in England, my home; and 1985 in america. Ironic, since it is the oldest man made religion in the world; and believe me, they're all made up! The difference being, we don't worship a man who might or might not have lived 2000 years ago from the middle east. Instead, we recognise that we're a part of the natural cycle of life, trying to live harmoniously with the land and universe.


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