Bassets of yesteryear...

Bella and I in front of the Summer House in our back garden, in Oxford England.  I'm 3 years old here, and Bella is the mum to Butch, who I grew up with and adored


This going to be a photograph of Butch


Freda and I in 1985 I got to love her every day for three months while she lived at the Pet store in New Hampshire. She was finally sold.


And then Freda's Brother Chesterton showed up in 1985. Officially a dead Basset. The Pet store gave him to me as they understood how much I loved his Sister Freda.


Then came along Lassiter (left) who joined the family in 1985. The Police brought him to me as a fully grown Basset. His owners had him living on a 12 foot chain 24/7. When they got him as a wee pup, they thought Bassets were "small" dogs. They're not. A male can weigh 90lbs.


Arthur n' Butch. Butch was my companion for those times I couldn't have an actual Basset Hound