During the Winter months, when the trees stood naked to the elements of the cold season; the people would huddle and cuddle around huge open fires and regale their stories of past adventures.  Malachite would stand as near as she dare in the shadows at the circles edge, and listen with enthusiasm to the many tales told by the elders.

One such story that caught Malachiteís attention, was of the Dance.  How in the early part of the new year the villagers would gather around fires to celebrate the coming of spring.  It was commonly known as Imbolc or Candalmas. It was a time when the girls would shed their heavy fur capes of winter to show their feminine curves.  Scantily clad bodices not quite laced high enough to hide the young ladies curvaceous breasts as they danced gaily; seemingly oblivious to the young menís stares of lust.