He swiftly mounted her amazon body, engulfing her slender frame. A momentary cry of pain as he plunged deep inside her heaven caused Malachite to tightened her body in resistance  His mouth clamped on to hers  to instinctively quiet her, freezing his movement as he felt her tense muscles wrap around his manhood, he hungrily sucked on her tongue, while he felt the wave of heat from within his loins try to surge from his body

She clung on to his very being, fingers twisting and  nails digging into his flesh, the blood flowed freely from his leathered skin, His senses at their zenith, the pain was sweet. She gasped for air with laboured breath as their slippery bodies rejoiced in union.

Unable to hold back from the tightness of her thighs, he crashed down upon her, knowing that when he raised himself one more time, he would explode his essence deep within her womb upon his final thrust. His quietness abandoned, he cried out loud now that they receive their reward...that their bodies lay evidence to their mutual conquest of carnal desire.

Their damp bodies tangled and now quiet. Malachite found herself Startled that the passion had been so forceful, that the violence of their union had made her scream promises of the moment; now she knew the power of man, For they had become the very symbol of Candalmas

Breathless and spent.  They lay intertwined across the many fur lined hides of his mammoth cot.  Dazed, she crept silently out into the approaching dawn, and stole away back across the meadows to her coven.  Many thoughts swept through her mind as she tried to make sense of her nocturnal escapade. 

Malachite smiled knowingly to herself, and skipped merrily over the morning dew, chanting her secret spells to summon back her Witchy attire, and her favourite broomstick.  

She was a woman now...Let the adventures begin!