The Ever Famous, Pentacle.



The Pentacle, is encircled with the symbol of eternity, that is: the circle around the star represents the Wheel of life; birth, life, death and rebirth.

Energy cannot be either created or destroyed, it can only be moved. The five points of the star, with the central point facing north (or vertically up), represent the five natural elements of the universe: Spirit, Water, Fire, Earth and Air.

The signs of  antiquity's original four elements - Water -Va, Fire - Ra, Earth - La and Air - Ya, date back hundreds of thousands of years. Pentacles have been unearthed in India, dated to as far back as 38,000 years, and known to have been around since at least Neolithic times. The fifth element uniting them all was the Goddess's own spirit Ma - meaning both Mother & intelligence.

The Pentacle's symbolism derives from the early Pagan Goddess Kore, of the apple core (star of knowledge). Its meaning being that of life and health.

Use of the Pentacle according to Judeo-christian tradition was used as an amulet of protection or healing in Babylon, even King Solomon had the Pentacle inscribed on his ring, and subsequently to this day, is associated with it being Solomon's seal.

Hermetic magicians used the Pentacle for their model of Man the Microcosm. A male figure was placed inside the circle representing the cosmos; his hands, feet and head touched the circle at the points, with his genitals located dead centre.

The early christians adopted the Pagan symbol and wore it as representation of the five wounds of christ. It wasn't until the Inquisition, that the symbol fell out of favour with the church.