The Fish Symbol



Often seen on the back of vehicles in america,  the sign of the vagina, has always amused me. The obvious shape of the two crescent moons, the female energy symbol duplicated, showing the Goddess as the source of all earth's waters.

Early christians claimed that their fish symbol was taken from the notion that ichthys (greek fish) was an acronym for jesus christ. However this pagan sign was actually the name of the ancient sea-goddess Atargatis, also known as Tirgata, Aphrodite, Salacia, Derceto, Pelagia or Delphine, whose name meant both womb and Dolphin; all appeared as mermaids. One could call jesus Ichthys perhaps, as his sea mother was Mary (Mari, Marina) with her distinguishable blue robe, being that of the ocean, and her pearl necklace being that of the surf.

The ancients stated that a woman's sexual secretions smelled like fish, which is why the Vesca Piscis - the Fish sign  was chosen as the symbol of the yoni (vagina).

Honouring this ancient worldwide synonym for the yoni, Fish were eaten on Friday, which was her official day, named after the Scandinavian Goddess Freya, the latin version being the Day of Venus. Which as a side note, is half of the reason why Friday is considered unlucky to christians, as this day honours the "woman".  The other half, by the way is the number 13...Friday the 13th, as there 13 moons in a year...which of course also honours the "woman" (double unlucky for christian men, Dang!)