Latin Cross



Yes, another Pagan symbol. Afterall Acts 5:30 tells the faithful, that Jesus was hung from a tree, not  a cross. The Jesus emblem was originally depicted as a shepherd carrying a lamb, as with earlier Gods like Hermes and Osiris.

The Latin cross that we are all so familiar with, was primarily a phallic symbol, obviously representing the male energy of procreation. The church fathers, after centuries of repudiating the Latin cross, finally accepted it officially in the ninth century AD, after realizing that all church members were male, so how appropriate to represent themselves, than by their penis!

Further, there was a small fortune to be made by the church on its credulous congregation, Concocting a fantasy story, long after her life, about the empress Helena travelling  to the Temple of Jerusalem in 328 Ad and excavating the cross from within the crypt, then carrying it all the way back to Europe, only to chop it up and sell the tiny splinters to the faithful flock so that they may heal themselves.