Stop the giggles there!  Now speaking as a woman, I could stay on this subject matter for a while.....but I won't!  The Phallus is of course the male penis. Its representation is of the understanding and appreciation that the male is just as important as the female for procreation, ( yeah I know, you didn't learn anything new) Nonetheless, the phallic symbol is still used to celebrate such occasions as weddings and May day.


Compassion, tenderness, harmony, affection, love, romance, spiritual healing.


Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Ruler: Neptune
Symbol: The Fish
Stones: Amethyst & Jade
Mode: Feeling
Motto: I believe
Attractions: Aquarius, Cancer & Scorpio
Colours: Purple & Green
Being the twelfth and final sign of the Zodiac, it is stated that Pisces is the evolution of all the signs.

It is not only the ultimate water sign - following Cancer and Scorpio, but it is also ruled by the watery planet Neptune. With this rulership, it lends a dreamy, spiritual and deeply emotional quality to its personality; so much so, that it known that many Pisces have the ability to be great artists and to be able to see into someone's else mind to the point of being psychic.

Pisces symbolises the merging of the human soul with the cosmos, a necessary step before the next incarnation may begin in Aries. We have a deep belief in the highest powers of the universe. Thus the Pisces tends to lead with its heart, not its head.

The two Fish swim freely in the cosmic oceans; and we represent the highest lessons of fellowship, but also the capacity to see deeply into the life and nature of things.

The Fish can submerge themselves down to the depths and partake in hidden mysteries. Pisces teaches one to not be afraid to let go of our earthly form, and assures that death is only the beginning of new life.

Not known to be practical,  instead, be masterful in their understanding of, and expression of abstract ideas and systems. Overly sensitive, Pisces must be careful with their feelings, for they can be abused by others, and yet stay devotional rather than hurt the other.

In general Pisces are friendly, and enjoy close partnerships more than any other sign; yet they need to be alone a great deal of the time, and hence run the risk of becoming loners, and eccentric in their quest to isolate themselves from the material world.


The planets represent various energies. In your birth chart, the planets describe your desires, soul, will, vitality, and your mental and emotional nature.  They also represent the people in your life.



Growth, self-esteem, psychic ability, insight, inspiration, spirituality, success in business.