Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Ruler: The Moon
Symbol: Crab
Stones: Moonstone, Pearl & Peridot
Mode: Feeling
Motto: I feel
Attractions: Pisces, Scorpio & Aquarius


The fourth sign of the Zodiac, the Cancer represents deep feeling and protectiveness. It is the first Water sign and symbolically speaking, the Crab uses introspection as  a means to understand life. The Cancer sign can be compared to evolution and refinement of emotional experiences.

Because its ruler is the Moon,  Cancer people can be associated with highly personal emotions and also the life of the subconscious. Dreams are integral to their world, and from the depths of their minds, great works can be accomplished often in the form of painting or writing.

It would be a mistake to think that Cancerians are passive people just because they know how to wait. They can be quite aggressive in getting what they want, however they prefer others to take the time to understand their needs, sensitivities and diverse moods. As a strong bond of empathy with another is far more important than reason or logic.

Cancerians are often most unusual individuals, who are well aware of what sets them apart from the rest. Their talent for non-verbal expression is reflected in the privacy of their home by way of arranging the energy that keeps them nurtured. Activities such as  eating, sleeping and sexual expression and sharing of affection or sympathy must be private, regular and satisfying in order to offer the unusual amount of psychological support needed for balance.

Cancerians are particularly persuasive in the private sphere, where they best work their special brand of magic.

(also  Candlemas, Candlelaria). This Sabbat was re-named Candalmas by the church from Imbolc, in the futile hope that it would encourage the Pagans to convert to christianity. Imbolc is also known as Imbolg, Oimelc and Lady Day. This early spring sabbat  is celebrated on 2nd February. 

The name in Gaelic means "in the belly"- the first stirrings of life.

Omens were taken on Candalmas Day for the new growing season, especially its weather.  Therefore animals were said to come out of hibernation to provide helpful predictions for the end of winter; which is why it is also called Ground Hog Day.


these are used to help clear the mind. by focusing on its light.  Different colours evoke different spells. They equate to the element of fire, inspiration energy, purification, change and meditation.  Candles are just one of the many tools the Witch will use in her/his rituals.


Great word!!! In its simplicity, to "cast a spell" is to say a prayer!  With the help of envisioning and your tools, you "cast" your intent. When making your circle you "cast" away any, and all negative energies.


This would originally have been identified with the Witch because of her mysterious brewing of potions and herbal remedies. Though for untold centuries it was simply the family cooking pot.

The cauldron is very versatile, as it can contain water, fire, incense or flowers as the occasion demands. A round cast iron three legged pot that is symbolic of the womb of the great Goddess, and also a symbol of transformation since we burn things in the cauldron to change them from matter to energy


The cup that represents  the element of water, and is the feminine symbol. The chalice
is consecrated and passed around in ceremony for drinking wine; and the christians
adopted this from the Pagans for their ceremonies and rituals.

A talisman or an amulet may be referred to as a charm, just as a chrisitan rosary may.


Most rituals and magick take place in a sacred circle.  The circle helps us realize healing wholeness when we enter the realm of spirit: it contains, intensifies and directs energy. 

It is endless, as is life, symbolizing the rhythm of the seasons and the wheel of: life, death and rebirth. 

The circle is cast in many different ways. When casting  your circle, you want to walk deosil  (clock-wise) to create a positive energy of  protection from outside elements. To take down your circle  unwind the energy by walking Widdershins (anti-clockwise).



The third stage of woman.  an old woman holds all the things we have learned throughout our life times.  She can be stern, but she is a great teacher.  She takes us back into her, into the Goddess, in death. The three aspects of the Goddess correlate to the phases of the moon, new, full and waning.



Crystals and stones have long been known to hold magical properties.  Which one you choose, will depend on your own feelings and intuitions.  If you are drawn to a particular crystal or stone, try it out. It may be just what you need.
A gathering of Pagans/Witches who come together in a meeting form. It is a place to practice the "old Faith".  The word derives from the Middle English word, "Convent".  This collection of people is much the same as people going to church. However, there are some Witches who prefer to practice their religion "Solitaire";  (of which I am one).