These have various names.  They are from the realm of the spirits.  Familiars are individual  animals or plants that are inhabited by spirit.  A familiar works with a Witch to help with her magick.

Typically a Familiar seeks you out, not the other way around. Familiars have more dignity that regular pets or plants.  As they are able to communicate with you telepathically.  While you are doing ritual, the familiar will give you confidence. Its very presence will enhance your magick, and intensify your appreciation of love.

Feast Of The Virgin

(Also known as The Feast Of The Bride) The rise of the Goddess. Sacred marriage to the Sun God through rite of the hunt.  The summoning of the power of the Great Stag; celebration of  fecundity. Beltean initiates summer.


There are four natural elements; Earth, Air, Water and Fire. The combustive Fire's colour is red  Its direction is south. Its association is with the zodiac signs of: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. 

Fire represents the passion and desire burning inside all of us. As sexuality, Fire is the most physical and the most spiritual of elements. Fire is also linked to courage and feelings.  It is the element of change, and the spark of spirit within us all.

Full Moon