Fall Equinox


Magick with a "K" is what Witches do.  Witches use the elements, Earth, Air, Water and Fire, and other forces of Nature, along with their will and their good intentions, to create change. 

This kind of Magick can be slow in happening, but sometimes you can see the results quickly.  It really does work. People have used it for centuries.  Just as there are laws of Physics, there are laws of Magick There are four Magical laws:  1) The universe is abound with energy.  2) Everything is connected to everything else. 3)  There are an infinite number of possibilities.  4)  The path is within you.

As the Wiccan Creed states though: The law of three fold return. Whatever you do, will come back to you three times. Witches are careful to remember this when performing magick! And what is more, Witches only do Magick for other people when it is requested by that person!

Magick spell are not to be used to manipulate that person's free will. Magical energy is real, and it is powerful. Use it wisely.


Intuition, change, spiritual healing, vitality.


Luna is the Roman Goddess of the moon. The Goddess's three phases, "Maiden", "Lady" and "Crone". Represent the three stages of a woman's life. The Maiden is an innocent, young girl.  To her everything is new.  She is health, sweetness and tenderness


Power, energy,  protection, love, peace, success in business, vision, quests, gardening. 'Tis also my favourite stone, but I bet you already figured that out, didn't you?


Action, desire, courage, physical energy, ego.


Communication, mental activity, intelligence


Minor Sabbats

Emotions, subconscious, instinct, memories.


Gounding, love, divination, sleep, gardening, protection, youth, sleep, harmony, magick, peace, travel.


This is the second stage of the woman's life.  Here as mother, she has matured. She is all loving and protective, and nurturing.

When human kind takes actions that hurt the Earth, she can get angry.  And yet she still love us, however badly we behave. She sends us signs, so that we, her children, can learn from our mistakes.