...And Then There Was One.

By Chivalry.


I have heard a symphony, far more majestic than the fanfare of the kings.
I have felt a warmth far greater than the warmth of the sun.
I have been awakened by a light a million candles could ever give,
And I've been honoured by the gifts that have been won,

For the symphony is her laughter and the warmth is her love
And the light is the enchantment of her smile.
Oh how rich that I am, now that she's a part of my life,
if only for just a little while.

I danced with her, we laughed, we kissed, 'neath the light of the harvest moon.
A wedding was next, with the ocean in our view on a beautiful Sunday in June.

A lifetime filled with happiness, faded pictures on a wall, and a love that was not a concept but a theme. Then the sunlight kissed me sweetly as a new morning came to pass, and the visions in my mind were just a dream.

You will be sadly missed by at least one.
The room now empty a single candle burns, and all that remains is just one.