I had a dream and you were there
With flowing dress and silken hair
I felt your breath, I felt your touch
Your lips met mine, there was a rush

Of something primal, something new
Something I swore I would never do
My heart leapt out from my chest
A staccato rhythm against my breast

And my mind a windmill spinning 'round
Pausing, on a truth it found
And from deep within I felt a scream
At a promise broken it would seem

For I made a vow signed in the blood
Of a broken heart that dared to love
That I would never tread that path again
And have my cynicism drowned in the din

Of future speak and happy thoughts
But instead remember the pain it wrought
When I allowed myself to dream
Of an "us" and all that means

But promises sometimes don't hold
When the heart ventures forth and feels quite bold
And the mind cannot argue although it tries
To remind the heart of a dream that died

So I ventured forth into the din
And if ever asked what was my sin
I can smile softly and say with faith
I loved The Witch, a lovely wraith

She came to me within the night
And touched my soul and brought it light
Upon my heart she cast a spell
And the walls of cynicism cracked and fell

Until I stood naked before her glare
My jaded self, exposed and bare
And she softly wrapped my heart in hers
And said, "I know that you're unsure,

"But faith finds voice in many ways
"In a hope that lingers, a dream that stays
"So I give to you the key I wear
"Around my neck I've kept it there

"Dangling gently upon my breast
"Next to my heart and I must confess
"That until the day you ventured here
"And in your eyes I saw my own hopes and fears

"I thought this key would be my own
"Locking me away from pain and scorn
"Closing off that sacred door
"And in a room marked never more

"My heart would beat a lonely prayer
"That maybe someday, somewhere out there
"Some one might live who understands
"Who will join my life hand in hand

"Who will treasure the gift that I have kept
"And comprehend the tears I've wept
"As a sacred charge he would accept this key
"Knowing that it is part of me

"And so this key I freely give
"And only ask that this life we live
"Be shared between none but two
"A faithful union, me and you

"And that if you pledge your heart to mine
"That you mean it thus: throughout all time"
And the staccato rhythm within my chest
Beat faster still and I laid to rest

The fears that plagued my addled mind
And I pledged myself, a return in kind
For this Witch, who I had not sought
But to whom, the fates had brought

My battered heart and beaten soul
Made me complete and made me whole
Then with the dawn she slipped away
For with me awake she could not stay

For visions retreat into the mind
When wakefulness makes us blind
To that secret place lying deep inside
Where Witch's dance and dreams won't die.

By Mr. Garrett J. Schwartz 2001