I Met The Witch

It was last fall as I remember, I went on a hunting trip

I was tired of work and all its hell, and I needed a rest,

Little did I know that while I was hunting, I was being hunted

By a force so powerful, they called her the Wicked Witch of the West.


For all my skill and cunning I couldn't catch any game

Weary, I sat on the bar stool and wondered what to do next

When from nowhere she did appear and stood before me,

And I looked into the eyes of the Witch of the West.


I tried to divert my attention, but was captured instead

Hell! I hadn't caught anything all day and didn't care less

After all what harm could she cause me? I offered her a drink,

How was I to know I'd become spellbound by the Witch of the West


Before I knew it we were holding on tight, I didn't want to let her go,

How could this woman make me feel such happiness?

We danced 'till I couldn't take anymore, I knew I had to leave,

I drove in silence, reliving her touch and sweet caress.


I saw her again , but only to break the spell she'd put me under,

However, instead of scruffy old jeans, she now wore her midnight dress!

Her eyes only mirrored my own thoughts and dreams,

Oh help me God! I've fallen in love with the Witch of the West!


Time later, I've made her promises I fear that I cannot keep,

Yet in my secret fantasy, I need to be with her I confess,

Even with everything I've already got, I know she can give me more,

I believe that if we were together, we could truly be the best!


The year 2001 immediately to mind, then I can be free,

I can put my past behind, and start my life anew,

So dear kind Witch, I'm here to say you're going to be mine

'Cause I know in my Bewitched heart, I have to be with you!!!


by Anon 1993