Love Cage

Here we go again my love
I'm here inside this page
You read these words, my very thoughts
This paper is my cage
I scream at you with poetry
Look past the written word
I am here behind the ink
Like bars that hold a bird
The bird is trapped, captivity
Someone has clipped his wings
But if you listen closely
He's still allowed to sing
He sings his songs of yesterday
For us to understand
That living in a cage alone
Was never in his plan
I am like the captured bird
I can not fly away
I need someone to set me free
Look deep in words I say
This paper is my song to you
I hope you understand
That living in a cage of love
Was never in my plan
You hold the key to my freedom
As love within your heart
Bring it out and hold me
This cage will fall apart.

By ShatterGhost.