"Neath The Willow.

By Chivalry.


'Neath the shade of the weeping willow, he watches the setting sun, looking back to the days of yesteryear and all that time had done.

From the time he was a wee little lad, running barefoot in the sun kissed sand, to a later time when love was new and he walked with her hand in hand.

The children, now grown, that filled their house with a love beyond spoken word, he remembers the laughter the sighs and the tears with each passing day that he heard.

Now the visions move on to a mournful time when the wife that he loved so dear, was laid to rest on a sorrowful day where the rains matched him tear for tear.

But there will come a day when love reunites and hearts will be joined anew, a time of joyous reunion, a celebration of life witnessed by all within its view.

Till that day finally comes, 'neath the willow, he'll be watching memories with the setting of the sun.

Copyright 2004Chivalry