The Reality of Fantasy

I'm drowning in my sorrow
I'm dying from the pain
I live inside this crystal ball
I think I'll go insane
I look outside my crystal ball
It's cloudy and I'm cold
I'm locked away in darkness
With no one here to hold
I can walk around all day
Turning round and round
I'm trapped inside this loneliness
Nowhere to be found
Looking in my crystal ball
A pair of shining eyes
Asking stupid questions
Weeding out the lies
Looking for the perfect man
looking in at me
Telling me a story
Of how she'll set me free
Taken from my crystal ball
I hold it in my hand
I let it fall down to the floor
The glass it turns to sand
I turn now towards the woman
And look into her eyes
I reach to hold her in my arms
The answer to my cries
I forget about the sorrow
She took away the pain
But, have I left my crystal ball
Or finally gone insane?

By ShatterGhost.