~~~~ Who Am I ?...~~~~~


I am the air that you breathe, or the wish you made.
Rather it is night time or the middle of the day.
I am the earth that you tread upon, fires you make.
I am the rain in the sky on a new spring day.
I am the moon and the sun, the stars in the sky.
I am who I am, I would not lie.
I am laughter and joy, a child's toy.
I am a girl, yet also a boy.
I am who I am . . . Who am I you say?
I am the sunrise and sunset each and every day.
I am the present and past, the future beholds.
I am the amethyst of trust, the beauty of gold.
I am the diamond of ruff, the knowledge of old.
I am the ruby uncut, so red and true.
I am an emerald, shiny and new.
I am all around you, just look and see.
For I am Magic, the one you all need.
Without me all might cease to be.

Lady Dea Miller

Copyright 1996 Dea M. Miller