A Crime of Passion

All I have to remember her by
Is a blood red stain on my carpet
The police only wanted to know the facts
About a night that clouds my memory

I confessed with guilt
That I had just met her
I described the bar
And the stupid pick up line

Yes, officer, she followed me home
Where one thing lead to another
And, in the heat of the moment
We said things we didn't mean

It started to get physical
Blurred motion, A sudden Bang, It was Over
She lay on the floor
With a deep red puddle by her head

That's all I could remember
Except that, I passed out next to her
When I awoke
My wallet was gone, And so was she

All I have to remember her by
Is a stain on my carpet
Where the wine was spilled
As We made "Love".

By ShatterGhost