A Man's Apology

I'm sorry for those lonely days
And all those lonely nights
I'm sorry that I'm just a man
No God or Mr. Right
I'm sorry for my bad temper
My stupid attitude
I'm sorry for those things I say
When I'm mad at you
I'm sorry for the toilet seat
I just can't put it down
I'm sorry for those long hard days
I come home with a frown
I'm sorry that I fall asleep
Those times you'd rather talk
I'm sorry that I'd rather drive
Those times you'd rather walk
I'm sorry that we fight sometimes
Those times that aren't your fault
I'm sorry that I lock you out
My mind is like a vault
I'm sorry that I hide away
Some time to be alone
I'm sorry for those times I use
A rather too harsh tone
I'm sorry for those little things
Those things that get you mad
I'm sorry when I'm late sometimes
And when you're feeling sad
There's one thing I'm not sorry for
It's that you understand
You love me even though I'm not a God
I'm just a man.

By ShatterGhost.