her hands were as carved ivory as she clasped them in a prayer praying for her man to be safe way over there

as she prayed a vision came it was the man she loved

he said not to worry for he’d wait for her above

her eyes were brimmed with tears as she scanned the starry skies

praying that her man was really still alive


in memory of a young man of 18 years who was drafted to a war he didn’t understand

went as a boy died as a man and remembered as a sweet skinny young kid

who once upon a time dated my older sister

jimmy had a man’s future ahead of him…

his future may have ended…

but his memory lives on…

to those unspoken heros who are gone…yet not forgotten

to those who live in our memories and when those precious memories are recalled

once again become alive and well in our minds and hearts

this is for those left behind

be at peace

be gladdened

be blessed


Allie Henry




Alice Ruth Henry

Copyright ©2002 Alice R. Henry