If only the star light could catch my tears

and change them into smiles

I would ask the moon to show me her light

And lead me back to you


Give me stardust to sprinkle upon my soul

And the sun to shine down

This would allow my heart to find peace

And show me the way back to you


The planets all lined up showing me the path

with illumination from the Milky Way

To protect me from harm

So that I could share my love with you


The rain would wash away my fears

The brightness of the day cloak me in hope

My spirit would surge like the dawn to greet the day

So that I could be held by you


The clouds that hide the smile

Would gently blow their breeze

And flowers of the heart would

Be my humble gift to you


Let the heavens above be our guide

Trust the sun rays to be true

Smell the sweet scent of honesty

And allow me to stand with you

by Malachite 2000