So when the snow starts its yearly thaw,

And the animals shed their winter coats,

The dead leaves swirl and twirl in dance

And just as the new lovers make entrance

Holding hands and each others gaze

With Silent promises of sharing and loving

The sun teases us with its light and warmth,

So we gaze up at the light blue sky

Sharing Its time of rebirth

as all begins again to flower.

All frolic in celebration of renewal,

And lovers come together in union.

And this has teased the maiden of late

As the visitor came to her on a warm eve.

Serenaded with song and dance

He held her in love's embrace

Alas their time together so very short

Yet delight between them ensued

With words of enchantment whispered

And quiet kisses placed upon her lips

Putting aside trepidation of the unknown

She encouraged his presence at her side

She conceived into his thoughts

Know that I am all that you desire

Our births not so very far apart

You celebrate with me, my night

Though you will steal away from me

Remember this night when you celebrate


by Malachite 2001