Brilliant Green Glow


I cannot sleep and I cannot awake
In a dream world state I am adrift
Are my eyes opened or closed, I cannot tell
Of mortal coil I seem bereft,

A shadow gleams and an eagle cries
The visions dance and I stand amazed
I cannot run and I cannot walk,
I feel the brush of passing shades

What can this be, I don't understand
Am I dead, alive, something in between
I try to think and clear my mind
And then see the glow of brilliant green

The light swirls within the darkness
Clear crystal beams playing cautiously
Is it the moon or is it the sun
Or some other source for what is see

Then only a starlight glimmer so far away
The visions coalesce and then cascade
I try to focus on that distant point
My emotions feel raw, my mind not staid

I want to adventure to that point of light
That seems the focus for all I dream
Yet do I dream or have I lost my mind
What draws me towards that brilliant green

I still stand rooted to the spot
But if I cannot move I cannot seek
I force myself on, one step and then another
I will not be thwarted, my will is not weak

The vision, that glow, that immutable force
My curiosity overwhelms me and I start to run
Closer and still closer that glow does become
And now I see two point where before I saw one

And then a flash or just a glimpse,
I see a sparkle of crimson and a flow of red
What is this vision that i approach
To which by the willo'the wisp I was led

And the world does shimmer
Again not dream and not real
I stop, pause and think
And now start to feel

The glow starts to infuse the soul of my being
I feel the warmth in my belly rising into my chest
Those two glowing orbs, what is their power
Why do I feel weak yet still at my best

I shake my head, close my eyes and take a deep breath
Let the glow wash across me and clear the thoughts from my mind
The confusion is mine that I now understand
I must drop down the walls and feel the light's shine

Then when again I look, I finally can see
That image, that vision, the source of the light
I am amazed, at what I behold
And cannot understand my confusion and fright

For I now see the eyes, that glowed soft in the dark
And the crimson of lips that before I just glimpsed
And that flow of red light, that once did confuse
Now cascades down the shoulders of the sweetest of nymphs

I thought to myself that it must be dream
For I have never seen a vision like this when awake
Those sweet eyes and soft lips, the long flowing hair
And the curves, oh those curves, it would make any man break

And this sweet lovely vision that I now at last see,
This vision, this goddess, I am simply amazed
I stand simply dumbfounded bathed in the light
Of her glow and her womanhood, my senses are dazed

And still the thing that intrigues me the most,
That draws me inside the circle of brilliance
Is that incredible mind that makes me think,
That keeps me guessing at its resilience

And so dear Witch, now I know I'm awake,
I have opened my eyes and seen the bright glow
And it wasn't a dream, (though it seemed like a spell)
So much more to learn, so much more to know

By Mr. Garrett J. Schwartz 2001