I first saw her in a truck stop
Oh so many years ago
And I was captured by her beauty
And I think I told her so


Well as luck would have it
We met again once or twice
I think it was in a dance hall
Late one honky tonk night


Well I see's her behind the bucking chutes
At a punkin' rolling rodeo
She says, Hey Country lets take your truck
And go look at some horses worth some dough


She shared with me her pint of Jack
And we probably rolled up one or two
I asked her if she loved him,
She replied, by God I do


So when we met, we talked about horses
And maybe shared a dance or two
I knew she was taken
And by George!  I was too


Well as things go, I had to drift
Lost track of that beautiful soul
And lots of times I'd think of her
While down the road I'd go


I never thought I'd see her again
Some said she'd moved to Kentucky
But to have the memory of a girl so sweet
Boys! I'd have to call myself lucky


As time goes on, we stay the same
And I was holding a bar stool down
Just lookin' around to find me a girl
That could make me stay in this mountain town


When in walks a girl I could see from afar
She had red hair as long as my old friend
And as she moved toward the bar
And on her timeless beauty, I  had to commend


Well I couldn't believe it was her Standing there
Looking lovely as ever with that beautiful hair
She's see's it was me, and gives me a big ol' hug
And boys, a thousand old feelings hit me square in the mug!


Written by
Country "By God" Jones 1990