Days Gone By

By Don Lemme


I sit here and think, about days gone by,

The more that I remember, the more that I cry.


Where did it all go, these many wasted years,

They come rushing back, on my face now as tears.


So many days gone by, with nothing to show,

What could have been, I shall never know.


Chances not taken, because fear wouldn't allow,

Chances not taken, look at me now.


What ever happened, to these days gone by?

All that time gone, wasted away because I just didn't try.


I stand back and look, at what my life has become,

I stand here and wonder, then my mind goes numb.


Time cannot be rewound, you get only one try,

Live your life to it's fullest, 'til the day that you die,

Then you wont sit there and wonder, about days gone by.