Dear Mommy.

By Don H. Lemme.

It's been almost a year, since I told you goodbye,
I went out with my friends, I did not mean to lie.

We were just having fun, not one of us knew,
By the end of the night, your worst fear would come true.

I thought I could do it, I guess I was wrong,
Now your reminded, when you hear my favorite song.

We use to dance, we had so much fun,
Those days are over, my life now is done.

I know I was a handful, part of being a teen,
At 17 years old, I was spreading my wings.

My life was cut short, it was just a few drinks,
Drinking and Driving, a teen never thinks.

I miss my baby sister, she meant the world to me,
Now she must go through life, with me as only a memory.

Because I made a bad choice, I hurt those most dear,
I caused a river of sadness, started by one single tear.

Please get the word out, you must be my voice,
Help other teens, to make the right choice.

Tell them to love, Give kisses and hugs,
Keep them away, from Drinking and Drugs.

Teach them to dance, as if no one can see,
Live out your lives, and always remember me.

Copyright 2004 Don H. Lemme