Do You Trust Me?

By Don H. Lemme


Sits in the corner facing a wall,
Wondering if I can stop this free fall.
The harder I try, the worse that I fail,
My heart on my sleeve, leaving a trail.
Why cant it happen, why cant you set free,
Why cant you open yourself, and just talk to me?
What would it take to make you believe,
I am right here, and I'm not gonna leave.
Right from the start, honesty was the deal,
Right from the start, I was nothing but real.
I know things are moving a little too quick,
But you lit the candle, and my heart is the wick.
You asked me for rescue, and I was set to agree,
All that I ask, is for you to trust in me...

Don H. Lemme

Copyright 2004 Don H. Lemme