Don't Doubt My Love

How do I love thee?
Is that how is goes?
The counting on fingers
While poetry flows
Darling, I love you
In so many ways
No number can count them
Or words merely say
I'm trying to tell you
And help clear the air
Whenever you need me
I'll be waiting here
Do you believe me?
Just look in my eyes
I'll make it a promise
For I wouldn't lie
But, if you do doubt me
I'll hold you so tight
I'll hold you till morning
Till dawns morning light
The shadow of your your doubt
Will then fade away
The power of our love
Will start a new day
Together as one dear
We'll conquer the past
Then build for the future
And make our love last
Now ask how I love thee
Is it not clear?
I'll love you forever
There's nothing to fear.

By ShatterGhost.