When all is said and done

And we can call our self a friend

It is with pride that I can say

I will be there till the end


We have quite an interesting story

Of which I've already written

It was of love with honour

about a gentleman and friend


Time has past, ours lives now apart

But twice a year we both call

He listens to my Limey

And I to his southern drawl


Our respect has been nurtured

Tested and built upon trust

Our affection honest and bonded

The cause with no regrets, not unjust


Imagine dear friend that I am there by your side

Whatever your battle or strife

I will help to lead you back to your  self

And back to a loving wife


My admiration and love is honest

So your words of sadness brought me pain

I remember my own loss a long time ago

But to spare you, I'd go through it all again


We can remember, but not change our past

We had our moment together

Perhaps there was a reason which we cannot explain

But know this my friend, I will cherish you forever


Maybe your life is going through change

and right now it seems for the worst

However you do have people around you

who would prioritise your happiness first.


Anymore I have found that I cannot write

Yet, while perhaps weak

I have once again put my thoughts to rhyme

But know, it is from my heart, that I speak


So in closing dear Friend, it was good to hear your voice

A shame that you are so far away

I will travel to find you, if it's your wish

You know my thoughts, so there's no need to say

That we're friends.

by Malachite 2000