Gentle Knight.

By Chivalry


T'was a time in the life of a gentle knight when the world seemed all a glow, where each soul he met seemed beautiful, each new friend he wanted to know.

Each spirit was as an art form, their souls, dear works of art, and a kindred sense of meaning, could be determined from the start.

A trusting, tender soul was he, this knight of hopes and dreams, but soon he learned the trueness of life, is not always as it seems.

Everyday another arrow would instill itself within, the armor of trust this bold knight wore, as though it were made of tin.

Each wound would leave a larger scar, more numbing that the one before. Then the final, mortally wounding blow was dealt some times ago, when the wife that he had chosen, made his love for her to go.

When the words "I love another. "passed from her lips to his ears, It was though someone had the magic to erase those magical years.

Now this heart walks in the shadows, closing doors at every turn, tossing out the kindling needed to make passions fire burn.

Building walls of stone and steel 'round the entrance to his life, letting no one see his dreams or what he once longed for in a wife.

Now this gentle soul walks guarded, not knowing when his eyes will see, a glimpse of hope eternal, or in love again believe..

Copyright 2004Chivalry