Heart headed For Nowhere.

By Don. H. Lemme


When we met, I fell like a stone

How could I see, you would leave me alone

I poured out my heart, I promised my soul

You and I together, happy forever was my goal

If it was meant to be, it would happen quickly

You told me those things, now my heart feels sickly

Why would you hurt me, I wanted nothing but love

You couldn't tell me the truth, when push came to shove

Now I sit here and wonder, what, where and why,

The way that you hurt me, I can't help but cry

My heart broke a little more, when I didn't even get a HI

Now I'm left in the dark, all because of your lie

We could have been great together, I wanted so much to be there

Instead I'm left here, with a HEART HEADED FOR NOWHERE.