His Majestic Playground


                 Millions of shards of glistening ice
                  Make the mountains a blanket of white.
                  The sunshine brightens the mountain's peak;
                  It's a breathtaking, beautiful sight.
                  The sun's intense heat would never dare
                  To melt the ice away. . .
                  It knows he is drawn to this awesome place;
                  To find peace, have fun and to play.
                  Something in the way the mountain's speak
                  His adventurous side awakes. . .
                  He wants to sail; to climb and soar,
                  No matter what risks he takes.
                  So with all of his senses amplified,
                  He goes to that magical place.
                  He conquers the sky and the mountains
                  And a smile lights up his face
                  The mountains, sun, sea and sky
                  He has known since he was a boy. . .
                  Though powerful, dangerous and majestic;
                  To him, they're a wonderful toy.
                  Linda Jeanene Denton Copyright 2 Linda Jeanene Denton