In Shining Armour

The Night belongs to no-one

But is there for all to benefit

There are certain ones who realize its power

And set out to become one with it

The Night is mystical in its mirage

It can choose to bestow at will

The Night has its eyes that see all

To know, is it's inherited right

The Night can be kind in offering quietness

Peace with grace and meditation

But the Night can confound those broken

Not confident of its riches it offers

One doesn't always know how to address the Night

Should one bow and wait to be engulfed?

Or could one be more confident in its quest?

It is easy to become intimidated by its authority

Not appreciating its own vulnerability

A darkness that surrounds with its cloak

Its own shield of illusion is its protection

Can I reach inside and be sheltered?

Will I be accepted as the one to be had?

My Night enthrals and beguiles me

My Night toys with my fears

For it knows I'm scared of the dark

I put my trust into the Night's kindness

Asking that it share's its secrets with me

To allow me to feel warmth where there is no sun

To allow me to grow in a positive direction

I want my Night to compliment the day

With passion and will and blazing strength

I want the Night to capture and claim me

To teach me what it has to offer and accept what it can't

To allow me to find air where it thought it had none to give

To free me of all my insecurities, to show compassion in its truth

Ah, my Night you and I could conjoin

You have the power and strength combined

To set me free, let me see you when the moon is full

Court me with your neighbouring stars on fire

Lead me slowly to your darkness so I may adjust

Celebrate my devoted love for you

Let me not be bewildered by your coldness

Show me your inner self and trust my heart

I want to reach out and touch you deep within

But you have to come closer so that I may

It's easy to see by day, but the clarity of your kingdom

Can be considered obscure

It is only for those who truly believe in you

Let us dance together, let us be friends

Be my guide and teach me to understand your essence

Encourage my quest to seek you and pilot my way

Let us bask in our mutual respect, let us love together

I will not be a burden on your spirit

Carry me away to your world

Show that you are capable of love

And love me in return, love me for being me

And rejoice in our differences

Let me touch your image of dark skin

Enjoy what I have to offer you

Look inside your soul and see me

Be my strength when I am weak

And protect me with your magical force

Your courage to take a chance on us

For you are my Knight!

In light and love, so it shall be

by Malachite 1999