Kiss Her Goodbye

I recognize that look my dear
I've seen that face before
Then I heard the word goodbye
And the slamming of a door
Before you leave me lonely
May I have a parting kiss?
A token of remembrance
For things that I will miss
Please make this final kiss anew
Just like the very first
Remember how I held you tight
And quenched your burning thirst?
I won't try to stop you though
I hope you've thought it out
No time to second guess yourself
No room is left for doubt
I could tell you wanted out
It showed deep in your eyes
But now you have a different look
A look of one surprised
Did you believe I didn't think
You'd leave me for another?
I hate to burst your bubble dear
There is no perfect lover
I never claimed perfection
That's something I can't do
I only claimed I'd try for us
And give my love to you
So here we go again, it's sad
My love you'd just dismiss
Take this letter with you
My parting goodbye kiss

By ShatterGhost.