By Chivalry.


There was a time when dreams were all I had, yet they helped me to keep moving on, With nothing to lose I set sail for the thoughts and the hopes that my heart called upon.

If I stumbled and fell, or touched the edge of true hell, and yet still learned a lesson in life, I knew that my heart and my soul would then find education and true wisdom from the strife.

If I walked upon life's pathways without storm clouds in my way, and everything I touched turned to gold, I would have learned just as much from each step that I took, a knowledge that was mine till the days I grow old.

Much has happened in the life of this old weathered Knight, Things have come and dreams died along the way, Yet in spite of all the setbacks and the troubles I have faced in life's pathways of sorrow and bliss.

I have grown stronger, wiser too, dreams no longer cloud my view and my heart is thankful I did not miss all the lessons life has offered each tear of joy each cry of pain. The days when dreams stood in the warmest sunshine and the darkest rain.

Copyright 2004Chivalry