Little Girl

I can't take the credit, but I knew this wouldn't make her happy,

She'd already be abandoned and alone for too many years,

Learning the Witch's way of life has been easier for her,

The memory of being mortal only makes her remember her fears


So I am her guardian, and I'll protect this fragile little girl,

Yes it was I that convinced her to wear those ugly black nails,

I gave her the strength she needed to survive that thing called love,

And I promised that if she stayed with me, she'd never fail.


All those false words of love they say to her, hasn't done her any good

Now she's confused and is acting like a woman in love,

She's forgetting how to use the intimidating powers I gave to her,

But dear mortal men, your apathetic love isn't enough!


Look at your life , and everything you already have,

Don't be greedy, and try to take her, 'cause she has me!

You can offer her nothing more but futile hopes and dreams

So don't think you can save her, 'cause you're not strong enough to set her free


It was her choice to live this way, that's why she came to me,

Now she can be the Gipsy and dance alone in the silent night,

She tried to give her heart to you, trusting your honesty,

You have convinced the Gipsy for me, that the Crone is always right.


I should thank you for betraying that foolish naive girl,

For now she'll be sure to listen to what the Wise Witch has to say,

She'll think twice before she wonders from my side,

So leave her alone, for with me she's going to forever stay.


I have heard this lost child cry in her sleep,

And I have watched her dream of you,

Perhaps if I could believe it really could happen,

I'd release this woman, and allow her dreams to come true!

by Malachite 1993